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              Hayling Voluntary Services                              Tel: 02392 464730

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We are a lively and active organisation which makes a real difference to the lives of many on Hayling Island. In 2018 we carried out over 3,500 tasks, including taking people to hospital, health centre and dental appointments, socail prescribing with our various home grown support groups  and befriending visits.  Around 100 people from all walks of life volunteer in various capacities,volunteer  as hospital drivers, in our busy  office , on our Front Desk Reception and helping in varying roles with the many support groups we run...We are always so pleased when new volounteers join our happy group , they make such a difference to the lives of so many ...

We have a Committee which oversees things and are always on the lookout for good ideas and ways to improve our services.

Brief History of Hayling Voluntary Services

Haying Voluntary Services


Life begins for Hayling Voluntary Services: - As we have been around for quite some time some of our history is  lost in the mists of time , but here is what we do know ... 34  years ago Dr Stratford (then a GP with The Elms) He realised there was a very great need for voluntary transport aiding patients to get to their medical appointments . Along with a wonderful lady ,  Belinda New , they set up HVS in portacabin on The Legion Field, Hayling sharing it with The Red Cross. Happily they worked for the benefit of the Hayling Community for almost a  year until the portacabin was burnt out by vandals. The Health Centre was relatively new and a few rooms were still vacant, Dr Stratford moved both HVS and The Red Cross into the Health Centre. HVS was allocated a small room just inside the entrance, affectionately known as “The Broom Cupboard” we are still in that same room all those years later ..... Back to the past....  Belinda had by then a change of circumstances and the day to day running of HVS passed on to Peggy Howarth who rocked the cradle for years. Several times the organisation almost sunk, but Peggy was a formidable force and she stuck by her guns keeping things ticking over, Peggy eventually retired, but up until she passed away she would still pop in to check that things were still in order and going well .In 2009 HVS joined The Good Neighbours Network, part of the Diocese of Southampton and Portsmouth.  They provide the much needed support and things have never looked back. We have very strong ties with GNN, with their amazing team Canon Nick Ralph and Karen Jordan,  who are always there for us in times of need... HVS Committees have come and gone, some very strong leaders put their hearts and souls into the work. A special mention to former chairmen  Rob Hack and Mike Brown for their contributions..  We cannot forget to mention our very strongest supporter former Councillor Andy Lengahan who has done so much over the years for HVS..  Currently HVS is lead jointly by Lin Green and Jack Tarr   ....Today HVS has around 100 volunteers.   The demand for HVS Services continues to grow. HVS took over the running of the Health Centre community desk early in 2017 after the NHS closed it. WE  supply hearing aid batteries, help  patients with all their queries , how to book blood desks etc? The plum clad ladies report  faults to maintenance, greet visitors , give out keys , sort the mail and generally do the work that would fall on the surgery staff shoulders leaving them to get on with their jobs, caring for the patients .

Our work.... it’s busy, it’s rewarding and no two days are ever the same. We have become a huge part of the community. We try to support other local charities fund raising for various good causes.   We currently have 32 volunteer drivers, some do a trip a month, 5 work almost every day, but we never have enough though. Drivers Mileage is paid for, from the voluntary contributions that clients give us, but none of our team are paid, our time is given absolutely free of charge.  We continue to grow, the demand for help grows ever busier, but hopefully HVS will still be here for another 34 years or more.  

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