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The Current Committee 2019-2020



Lin Green                   Chairperson / Team Leader

Jack Tarr     RIP         Chairperson /  Team Leader

Pat Horder.                 Drivers Rep/Dbs Checker

Tsuruko Higashi        Financial Team Lead

Peter Burton              Fund Raiser 

Monica Couch           Secretary

Mavis McDonnell      Lead DBS Safe Guarder

Zöe Ascherl               Publicity Officer

Chelsea Townley.      Advisor




AGM 2019.


Hayling Voluntary Service AGM 28 May 2019 at 4pm


Those in Attendance: -

Lin Green                            Chairperson

Peter Burton                        Treasurer

Pat Horder                           General Committee

Jack Tarr                              Drivers Representative

Mavis McDonnell                 Front Desk Manager

Roger Parsons                    Befriender Co-ordinator

Monica Couch                     Secretary

Rose Scarrott

Ben Scarrott

Sheila Partridge

Marion Edwards

Apologies received from Tsuruko, Ted Gadd, Wendy Gadd, David Couch, Sue Fisher, Chris Emery, Mike Martin, Carol Martin.


Lin Green openend the meeting and thanked those present for attending.

Lin said we had the most rewarding year on record and we had achieved so much. She said that we would continue to move forward with GNN's  support to do all the things a "good neighbour " would do for those in our community. This years we have covered ground breaking work with our Social Prescribing cafes and grioups.


Last year minutes and figures were accepted and seconded by the committee.


It was reported that the Huffers and Puffers group went so well that we are now planning for the next group. 

The Hearing support group is going well.

The Knit and Natter group is now picking up.

The Veterans group is good.

We now need more games etc. for the Friday pm.

Our thanks was passed to Mavis for all her efforts especially the for dressing up in the various themed costumes, that was great fun.

HVS\GNN\Age concern is all working well.

We plan to do another “Sky Dive” this year also a “Sleep Out” also more “draws” All of which were very successful last year.


New Appointments were agreed and seconded: -

Roger Parsons       Befriender Co-ordinator

Chelsea Townley    Promotion co-ordinator



Jack Tarr               Drivers.

We now have more drivers on the books which is good as we are taking more patients to Doctors and hospitals appointments.

Jack reported that the drivers did 1605 trips this year.

The question of drivers over the age of 80 was bought up. If a driver is over the age of 80 and has an accident, then the driver will lose most of the liability insurance entitlement. The driver should   ensure they are covered by their own insurance.

A suggestion was made that maybe drivers over the age of 75 could voluntary take the “Drivers Awareness Course” and over 80 must take the course – to be discussed further.

The question of contacting the drivers to check availability to carry out drives was raised. The suggestion being it would be quicker to contact the drivers by mobile phone as against waiting to get hold of a driver. To be discussed further.

Our thanks went to Sandra for her work as Befrienders Coordinator.

Roger has worked hard since taking over getting records up to an orderly fashion.

We have 20 befrienders. 3 people looking for a befriender and some DBS going through. 

The possibility of telephoning befriending was raised also maybe the people needing befrienders could be encouraged to come into the surgery groups which may be better company for them.

Note: from time to time the Doctors may need to have use of the room and on these occasions, we must accommodate them.

Councillor Issy Scott is hoping to arrange for a new building to be built for the Youth of Hayling. This is a Hub "The Wave".  We hope we will also be able to use the premises for our activities i.e. Veterans, Huffers and Puffers, Knit and Natter etc


Meeting Closed 5pm




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